Zoom Iran (Hamed Haratian)

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Zoom Iran offers a wide range of tours to Iran. Either ready-made tours from 8 - 18 days or tailor made trips depending on your request and desires. Hamed Haratian, a native Iranian, is an authorized tour-guide and leads all the tours himself. He can also arrange all the visa- and invitation formalities as well as any other practical arrangements. He comes highly recommend from other travelers. I selected him from a range of operators, and was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism. 

Native eye

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Native Eye Travel specialists in unusual destinations and traditional, often tribal cultures and offer some of the most exciting and ground-breaking small group adventure tours and tailor-made trips available today. They have destinations to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America that are at the wild frontiers of travel, places where tourism is either unheard of or in its infancy. I joined them for a specialist trip to central Chad to participate in the Gerewol Festival. Highly recommended. 

Pearl Tours (Pakistan)

Rekommenderad av Hans Ollongren

Pearl Tours & Travel has offices in Islamabad and in Gilgit in the northern part of the country. They offer both fixed departures and tailor made tours around the country. I have had a very good experience with them on a tour covering the Karakorum highway all the way up to the Chinese border, including side trips to wonderful valleys. They offer safe drivers and very professional guides.

Irak (Kurdistan)

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Haval Qaraman started as a guide with a few assignments already back in 2010 when it was still very rare that travelers found their way to Iraqi Kurdistan. He was also listed and recommended by Lonely Plant's guide to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2012. I had the pleasure of using his services back in 2013, when we covered most of Iraqi Kurdistan. This was just before ISIS (Daesh) expanded and proclaimed their Caliphate back in 2014. We are now many Club100 members who have had the pleasure of using his professional services. I have no hesitations in recommending Havel if you plan a trip to Iraqi Kurdistan.


Rekommenderad av Hans Ollongren & Pyret Nilsson

Noor M. Ramzan and his brother runs this small and personalised travel agency in Mazar-e-Sharif. He has also been recommended by several other travellers who have had very good things to say about his arrangements. Hans and Pyret has just come back and were very pleased with everything from guiding, security as well as accommodation. Contact Noor directly or check with Hans or Pyret for comments. 

Uzbekistan & Centralasien

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Advantour is an Uzbek Tour Operator, based in Tashkent. They are specialized on Uzbekistan and other Central Asian republics. They can offer sightseeing, hotels, train tickets and guides. The team is very professional and their services highly personalized. It is an operator which can be warmly recommended

Sherwes Travel (Libyen)

Rekommenderad av Michael Cederborg, Hans Ollongren & Bengt Hildebrand

Sherwes Travel har ordnat resor till Libyen sedan 1996 och drivs av i Göteborg bosatte Ibrahim Usta i samarbete med hans i Libyen bosatte bror Fadel och vännen Salem Lagha. Vi besökte landet i december 2018 och såg, förutom huvudstaden Tripoli, berbernas områden kring Jebel Nafusa och de romerska ruinerna Sabratha och Leptis Magna. 

Untamed Borders

Rekommenderad av Britt-Marie Boudrie

Untamed Borders is an adventure travel company providing unparalleled access to some of the world's most interesting and inaccessible places. The company specialises in trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Middle East, East Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus, but also arranges trips to other off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Korea Konsult

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A very experienced tour organizer to North Korea (DPRK) with over 20 years experience. They are one of the top suppliers of tours to North Korea in Europe and the Western world.

Kon-tiki resor

Rekommenderad av Peter Grip

Rundresor och skräddarsydda arrangemang till hela världen utanför Europa. Vi har 20 års erfarenhet och har själva besökt alla världens länder. Vi ger dig service och upplevelser utöver det vanliga.

Rosa Bussarna

Rekommenderad av Bengt Hildebrand

Rosa Bussarna är ett svenskt overlandbolag som har eller har haft resor till långt över 100 av världens länder. Även inrikes partyresor arrangeras såsom till Sweden Rock och Ullared. Flera av resorna går än idag med gamla militärbussar ommålade från grönt till rosa. Gemenskapen på en rosa buss är något alldeles extra.

Läs & Res

Rekommenderad av Bengt Hildebrand

Läs & Res ambition är sedan 1979 att vara ett seriöst alternativ i resebranschen. Man reser vanligen i små grupper, nära lokalbefolkningen och med inhemska reseledare.


Rekommenderad av Birgitta "Pyret" Nilsson

Desertando is a travel adventure Company specializing in tailor-made "off-the-beaten track" journeys to Africa. Over the last years a number of amazing trips have been made to particularly North Africa, West Africa, Sahara and the Sahel. 

Basanta Adventure (Himalaya)

Rekommenderad av Barbara Norremo

Basanta Adventure kan ordna förstklassiga reseupplägg i Nepal, Tibet och Bhutan. Resebyrån är baserad i Katmandu och var behjälpliga med att ordna Club100:s resa till Bhutan 2014. Kan också assistera med upplägg, guider och bärare till vandringar i Himalaya.

Angel Eco Tours (Venezuela)

Rekommenderad av Michael Cederborg

Angel Eco Tours is an adventure travel company providing ready made or tailor made programs to Venezuela. The company has been on the market for over 20 years and is also known under the name Osprey Expeditions. Contact Benjamin Rodriguez who will give you quick and professional feedback.

JK Rwanda Safaris (Gorillasafaris)

Rekommenderad av Bengt Hildebrand & Michael Cederborg

Drivs av svenske missionärssonen Kristofer Zachrisson som bott i Rwanda och Östafrika merparten av sitt liv. Kristofer har decenniers erfarenhet och ordnar genom sin resebyrå och sitt kontaktnät såväl förstklassiga gorillasafaris som andra reseupplägg i regionen.

Eco Tur (Angola)

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We are a young Angolan company registered locally with the Ministry of Tourism and pioneering development in the specialist Eco Tourism sector. Our objective is to develop adventure and other related tourism activities within Angola following the theme of “Discover Angola with us”. We value the pristine nature of our special bush and beaches and aim to keep them pristine.

Bengal Tours (Bangladesh)

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An excellent tour agent. Contact Bengal Tours for assistance in planning your perfect trip to Bangladesh. The service and support is tailor-made with the best possible english speaking guide. 

Le Voyageur (Madagaskar)

Rekommenderad av Michael Cederborg

Great tour operator for personalized tours around Madagascar. 

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